v1.16.1 🌈 Ringed Ice Giant Neptune - patch 1 Latest
September 27, 2022


  • Feat/1381 fiat values in notifications


  • fix(settings): make sure the correct fiat rate is being used

  • fix: fetch the latest wallet amount after a send

  • i18n fixes

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v1.16.0 πŸ“€ Ringed Ice Giant Neptune
September 27, 2022

This release includes improvements to handle translations and allows users to enable or disable browser notifications. We also added many refactorings to improve the user experience.


  • feat(settings): enable/disable browser notifications

Further Changes

  • fix: dark mode on Galoy connector

  • fix: update allowance icon on revisit

  • fix: linktree

  • fix(lnurlwithdraw):

  • Fix/1467 auth no prompt if allowance is enabled

  • fix: ln address regex

  • fix: align signmessage response in all connectors

  • fix: remove unnecessary line height


All "Send" views use the same way of handling props now. This makes it easier for devs. Furthermore, we moved the fiat rate conversion to the background script to improve performance.

  • refactor: align confirmsignmessage to use navstate

  • refactor: align makeinvoice to use navstate

  • refactor(verifymessage): remove support

  • refactor: align confirmkeysend to use navstate

  • refactor: align keysend to use navstate

  • refactor(currencyconvert): use localstorage for rate

i18n fixes

  • ConfirmOrCancel i18n fix

  • fix(accounts): i18n related updates

  • Fix/i18n 20220918

Ringed Ice Giant Neptune: https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap220923.html

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v1.15.1 North America and the Pelican - patch 1
September 13, 2022

Small patch release with some minor improvements


  • Added more batteries to allow sending sats for linktree pages, vida pages, mixcloud and soundcloud pages

  • Enable translations for ES and pt_BR

  • fix: add missing inpage script to accessible resource

  • fix: publishercard in lnurlpay screen

  • fix: remove error toast from utils.call

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v1.15.0 🌈 North America and the Pelican
September 9, 2022

New features and notable changes

  • better YouTube battery: we now load the lightning information also from the channel description

  • add tipping support on SoundCloud

  • support for the Tor Browser: when Alby is used with the Tor Browser or Tor running then connections to Tor nodes just work

  • more descriptive unlock screen and better description for the unlock password

  • makes it easier for websites to detect if a user has webln on page load

  • capture links in dynamic content

  • show invoice memo in the transaction list

  • show fiat amounts on the payment confirmation screen

  • case insensitive monetization and more consistent alby metatags

  • more i18n screens

  • Linked to node websites on the connector screens

  • fix: wait for allowance before loading payments

  • fix: handle "receiver" in paymentSuccesNotification if used via popup

North America and the Pelican: https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap220908.html

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v1.14.2 🌈 Cartwheel Galaxy
August 30, 2022


  • fix peertube battery

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v1.14.1 🌈 Cartwheel Galaxy
August 30, 2022

New features and notable changes

  • Several LNURL improvements and fixes to support LNURL all over the place.

  • Allow users to reset their accounts if they forgot the password

  • Further I18N improvements

  • Ask users for feedback on uninstall

  • Geyser battery

New release names

We're all excited about space and space exploration. To celebrate the universe our release names are now inspired by the Astronomy Picture of the Day. Today: The Cartwheel Galaxy from Webb

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v1.13.0 🌈 The last time we break LNURL-auth, promised!
August 5, 2022


A release packed full of improvements and new features! For example: Alby now can show incoming transactions (thanks to @escapedcat), you can connect your BTCPay server and we started updating the UI by @dvoroneca

Shout out also to @im-adithya who during his Summer of Bitcoin project did a lot of TypeScript improvements

But there is also a breaking change related to LNURL-Auth:

We always strive for interoperability. To make sure we are fully LNURL-Auth compatible some breaking changes had to be made on how keys are derived. Action required: If you have used LNURL-Auth before you need to have the legacy mode enabled (see "Settings) and ideally you should update your lnurl-auth login details with the services you use.

New features and notable changes

  • Correct LNURL-auth key generation to be compatible with other clients (helps to use the same account on different devices)

  • New styles and revamped enable screen

  • Tipping for stack overflow on the question page

  • Support keysend in lightning meta tag - this makes it possible for websites to receive Value 4 Value payments also through keysend similar to the podcast:value tag

  • Support for LNURL-channel (through webln.lnurl())

  • Disable fiat conversions - for all of us who are already on the bitcoin standard

  • List incoming transactions from the current selected account

  • BTCPay Server connector to easily connect your BTCPay Server to Alby - receive payments with BTCPay spend them with Alby

  • Allow users to change their Alby extension passwords

  • style: change sats icon to alby logo on welcome and onboard success screen

  • fix: YouTube battery

  • chore(lnurl): bech32 parsing eerror is just an info, not a real error

  • refactor: use settings context in LNURLPay

  • fix: remaining budget display

  • chore: add missing import

  • test(e2e): delete user-dir before tests

  • test(createWallet): to to get rid of flaky Alby tests

  • chore: remove account export in onboarding (people accidentially share the QR code which includes credentials)

  • chore(connector): adjust unsupported message for getInvoices

  • Fix url for raspiblitz v1.7.2

  • chore: removing state subscription to persist to browser storage

  • lots of typescript refactorings

  • fix: properly propagate errors from LND

  • test: publishers screen after wallet creation

  • refactor(i18n): support weblate by handling everythign in one file

  • Add support to load the exchange rate from the Alby server

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v1.12.1 🐞 Euro - Dollar parity edition - patch 1
July 13, 2022

fixes an issue introduced by v1.12.0 which caused some numbers to be invalid on the website screen


  • fix: handle stored payment amounts in strings

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v1.12.0 🌈 Euro - Dollar parity edition
July 12, 2022

The long-awaited version 1.12.0 πŸŽ‰ And just in time for Euro-Dollar parity we now show sats amounts additionally in our old fiat currency.

Thanks to all the contributors and special thanks to the Summer of Bitcoin crew!

  • Update extension icons: New icons when a website has lightning enabled

  • Allow users to export the LNDHub wallet credentials (and import the wallet to Zeus)

  • Add support to show satoshi amounts in fiat currency

  • Support for special Alby metatags to allow customization of name and icon in Alby

  • Allow users to block certain sites and disable Alby on those

  • Dispatch JS events when WebLN is ready and a payment for a lightning link succeeded

  • Add support to show password in input fields

  • Refactor confirmation screen to always have a visible confirmation button

  • Feat: add tipping for Stack Overflow profiles

  • Fix tipping on GitHub: change regex to match lightning emoji

  • Fix: margin issues in onboarding flow

  • Switch babel to swc

  • Fix: show allowances without budget

  • Fix: add dark mode styling for adornment

  • Fix: refresh access token after expired Alby token

  • Refactor: list types

  • Refactor: rename AuthProvider/AuthContext to AccountProvider/AccountC…

  • Translate LND & LndHub connectors, and QrcodeScanner component

  • Translate Toasts on NewWallet Page

  • Translations: i18nextProvider for popup, optimize namespaces, add Unlock screen translations

  • Style: update to new bitcoin beach logo

  • chore: rename delete to remove

  • Add more descriptive copy to the confirm payment screen

  • Use dual currency field on edit budget screen

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v1.11.2 πŸ› damn, I hoped for - patch 2
June 17, 2022

This release contains a bugfix that prevented adding new connections to Umbrel, myNode and Start9.

  • fix: url should include port number

  • chore: eslint rules

  • chore: rename accountName id

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v1.11.1 🌈 damn, I hoped for - patch 1
June 17, 2022

This release fixes the potential error in Firefox: "Could not establish a connection. Receiving end does not exist".Besides that, it includes some internal refactorings and improvements.

  • fix: refactor DB loading of allowances/payments

  • refactor(account): switch getAccounts to TS

  • feat: go back to general home from contextual home

  • chore: rename type to action

  • refactor(state): isUnlocked handling

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v1.11.0 🌈 damn, I hoped for
June 10, 2022

This is a pretty big release with many fixes and improvements.We now also have passed the 1000 pull requests mark. Thanks to all the amazing people who have contributed to this release!

Notable Changes

  • Prevent multiple parallel WebLN calls

  • Add Podverse to suggested "Websites"

  • Highlight selected account in menu

  • Add descriptive message when WebLN method (e.g. keysend) is not supported

  • Show budget details for publishers even when there is no budget set

  • Support paths for the LND URL (makes it possible to connect to BTCPay LND)

  • Use nicer alert messages (using the new toast component)

  • Remove connector badge from accounts dropdown

  • Add myNode and RaspiBlitz videos to connectors

  • Fix verify signature calls for lndhub/lnbits

  • Update minimum node version to 14.17

  • Fix: publish correct payment notification for keysend payments

  • Show total sats spent by website

  • Reorganize settings page with better explanations

  • Update payment summary styling

  • Fix infinite loop upon refreshing the choose connector screen

  • Style: prefer website metatag icon over image

  • Fix: lndconnect workaround for Firefox

And much more fixes and optimizations. Have a look at the full diff for details

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v1.10.0 🌈 Bear market = build market, or something along those lines
May 6, 2022


  • Default shortcut command: You can now open Alby with the shortcut: Alt+Shift+A / Option+Shift+A(mac)

  • New prompt for webln. makeinvoice calls

  • Scan location field on Twitter for lightning addressΒ 

  • Added special RaspiBlitz connector with instructions to connect your RaspiBlitz to Alby

  • Support BIP21 URI with BOLT 11 invoice in QR codes

  • Enable tipping on GitHub profiles

  • Better payment notifications with icon and payment fees

  • Show fee amount in the transactions table

  • Initial i18n setup - Alby will soon be in your language!

  • Theme selector - choose light/dark mode independent of your OS theme

  • Make "description" when receiving a payment in Alby optional


  • fix: add JWT bypass screen for when Galoy authentication fails

  • Remove the sats faucet - some funny people tried to abuse it too much

  • Allow users to login to their Alby wallet again

  • Explanatory videos for account setup (currently for Umbrel)

  • Improved dark/light mode: material design surface overlay

  • Dark mode on Alby publishers page

  • Add enabled check to content script to prevent not-enabled WebLN calls

  • Replace invoices by bolt11 npm package

  • Improve some UX and design on the send screen

  • Prevent duplicate onboarding / configuration

  • Update citadel sdk for core lightning support)

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v1.9.1 🧰 Still not Miami - patch 1
April 1, 2022

v1.9.0 introduced a bug that caused the webln. signMessage call to fail. This is now fixed. There are no other changes in this release.

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v1.9.0 🌈 Still not Miami
March 31, 2022

This release contains new features, fixes, security updates but sadly also a breaking change. We're required to do this change to be compatible with BlueWallet and LNBits for signing messages which is used for login with LNURL-auth.

But the good new is: with these changes we slowly approach a more stable "Beta" version. \o/

Breaking Changes!

Message signing with LNDhub and LNbits accounts has been changed to be compatible with BlueWallet and also LNbits in the future. Sadly this is a breaking change and if you rely on the old signing mechanism to login to websites you have to enable the Legacy signing for LNDhub and LNBits option in the Settings.

If you have an LNDHub or LNbits account and use Alby to login to websites, then enable the Legacy signing for LNDhub and LNBits option. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Other features

  • New wallet account creation and you now can create a getalby.com lightning address with your new Alby account

  • LUD 18 email support

  • New, BlueWallet compatible signing functions

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