v3.0.0 πŸ”‘ Spiral Aurora over Icelandic Divide
August 7, 2023

This release greatly improves key management and the login to your Alby Account with a dedicated account connector. We are introducing a Master key from which you are now able to derive your private keys for Nostr, on-chain bitcoin and LNURL-auth and more to come. This includes a recovery phrase which makes backups a lot easier.

The new Alby Account connector allows you to personalize the browser extension by showing your own lightning address, your avatar from your personal Alby page and much more in the future. The setup got a lot easier and quicker.

Notable Changes

  • test: add test code for DefaultView

  • feat: add receive via bitcoin address button

  • fix: remove shadow from DualCurrencyField

  • feat: add companion download link in addAccount prompt

  • feat: show nav on md and improve spacing

  • fix: improved validation with latest nostr-tools validateEvent

  • Feat: new tab styles

  • feat: mnemonic

  • feat: account change loading state

  • fix: remove fixed height when no image available

  • feat: add send screen amount field max balance error

  • fix: change range label to min / max or equal

  • fix: reset now clears db tables

  • Updated Apps in Discover page

  • feat: Alby OAuth Connector

  • fix: use host from sender not message

  • fix: update account delete prompt

  • fix: move primary buttons above fold for smaller screen sizes

  • Added Nostr.kiwi to website screen

  • fix: add default for locale

  • feat: redeem-lnurl screen

  • fix: mnemonic auth to match LUD05 spec

  • fix: add fetch adapter for BTCPay Server

  • fix: redeem LNURL for all connectors

  • feat: copy lightning address button in receive screen

  • feat: add avatar in accounts list, account settings and Nostr settings

  • fix: remove signMessage from Alby connector

  • fix: number formatting for range label

  • feat: add account detail pages header

  • feat: Pinstr app to Nostr section

  • feat: Nostr setup wizard

  • feat: added zappedit to Nostr

  • feat: add default keyboard focus style

  • fix: return to home when switching accounts

  • feat: disable autocomplete on other form fields

  • feat: publisher card UI

Full Changelog: v2.1.1...v3.0.0

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v2.0.0 🌌 Twilight in a Flower
May 9, 2023

This is the biggest release of the Alby Extension ever! We're proud to announce that this update has brought on board more contributors than ever before and is packed with countless enhancements and updates. In fact, the changes are so extensive that we've decided it's time for a major version update! πŸŽ‰ (and following the semantic versioning idea it has some big changes with the new web extension manifest v3)

A big shout out and thanks to the incredible Alby user community and the great feedback that helped shape this update!

What is new? tl;dr

  • 🎨 Amazing new UI upgrades - Thanks to all the great feedback that we got!

  • πŸͺ„ Greatly improved onboarding UIs making it easier to get started (especially great for self-hosted node runners)

  • πŸ”₯ New account management features

  • 🀞 Updated to web extension manifest v3 - finally! ...hopefully Google likes that :)

Noteable changes

  • chore: add tests for keysend and sendpayment

  • feat(Websites): add loading spinner

  • feat: Added primal.net to nostr section

  • feat(lang): add marathi language closes

  • Feature/eclair improvements

  • feat(i18n): support polish language

  • feat(lang): add locale for dayjs for marathi language

  • refactor!: manifest v3 support

  • feat: add connectors form field autofocus

  • feat(Unlock): add container for max width on options screen

  • fix(DualCurrencyField): amount label color styles

  • Fix/1051 mv3 txs dates

  • Reorder and add https://lnnodeinsight.com/ to the discover page with a new category: Node management

  • fix: add text style for dark mode

  • fix: style disabled state of inputs

  • feat: add kollider signup screen

  • feat: settings screen

  • Add twitch support

  • feat: avatars & account menu overhaul

  • Fix :Correct upper helper text in inputs coloring

  • fix(ui): added effect to topnav button

  • fix: accountmenu: updated colors, removed min-width

  • feat: colors & gradients

  • Fixed typos fixed at multiple places.

  • feat: DefaultView reverse send/receive buttons order

  • Updated LNC and Umbrel LND connector's content

  • Navigation improvement

  • feat(ui): implemented balance info

  • [FIX] UX on the connect your lightning wallet page.

  • feat(Transactions): add loading spinner

  • chore: remove deprecated welcome page translations

  • fix: start9 setup

  • fix: register listeners sync

  • fix: removed line clamp plugin (included by default)

  • fix: outline btn text color for dark mode

  • feat: add account-context balanceLoading

  • fix: tabs hover / dark mode

  • fix: use account id from connector directly

  • Bug/changed rendering condition to get "no transactions" message only when needed

  • feat: lnurlpay screen toggle more fields

  • fix: change link color to blue-600 / blue-700 on hover

  • chore: also wait for migrations before finishing init

  • feat: balanceBox component

  • feat: onboarding add pin extension screen

  • fix: sort discover items alphabetically

  • fix: tests for useTips

  • feat: shrink receiver box

  • fix: delete unused component devmenu

  • Added Music Side Project and CurioCaster to the "Discover" page

  • feat(lang): Updating translations for hindi closes

  • fix(home): handle undefined settle date

  • fix: race conditions

  • fix: change edit allowance text to edit preferences

  • chore: cleanup migrations

  • chore: await initialization before routing a msg

  • Update websites.json: add a Nostr client

  • fix: remove timeout for lnc

  • fix: add missing fetch adapters

  • feat: Added Broadcstr.com to Nostr section

  • fix: remove loft.trade

  • Revamp forms layout in onboarding screens

  • fix(kollider): routes

  • feat: add connector multiple implementations

  • chore: add simple URL based hmac verification details

  • chore: fix e2e tests

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v1.28.0 πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ Orion and the Running Man
May 9, 2023

Noteable changess

  • feat: outgoing transactions screen

  • feat: show raw Nostr JSON event data on signing screen

  • feat: backup reminder for nostr key

  • feat: make permissions account specific

  • feat: back button in send sats screen (not prompt)

  • feat: add substack battery

  • feat: add big warning before removing the Nostr key

  • feat: add hold invoice to lnd webln.request

  • feat: improve TOR connection setup

  • feat(i18n): support finnish language

  • feat(i18n): support czech language

  • feat(i18n): support danish language

  • Fix: Update Raspiblitz connection instructions

  • chore: add remove private key action

  • chore: refactor actions and add tests

  • fix: add type in publishPaymentNotification

  • fix: add host to lndhub errors to be more descriptive

  • fix: remove max amount from keysend payments

  • fix: event tags type

  • feat: improve LNURL ux

  • feat: always enable debug mode in development mode

  • fix: pass account details to connectorxx

Full Changelog: v1.27.0...v1.28.0

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v1.27.0 ✍🏿 Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC 1365
May 9, 2023

This release adds a new window.nostr.signSchnorr function. This allows web apps to request signatures from the Nostr key not only for Nostr events but any data. Opening up a whole new world of possible things that can be connected to user's Nostr key.

Noteable changes

  • Feat: add signSchnorr to nostr

  • Feat: added receive another payment button

  • Fix: show preimage in transaction table

  • Fix: receive back button

  • Fix: chose connector UI improvements

  • Docs: add fixtures and i18n to project structure

  • Chore: add test for cancel

Full Changelog: v1.26.0...v1.27.0

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v1.26.0 πŸ’« ZTF meets ATLAS
May 9, 2023

This release mainly contains bugfixes and general code improvements.

Noteable changes

  • feat: improve performance loading the incoming transactions tab

  • fix: added error message for change password

  • fix: issue changing the unlock password if the Nostr key is not set

  • fix: format signup error messages

  • fix: show toast error if nostr key is malformed

  • fix: spacing on lg by

  • fix: handle null as budget value

  • fix: pt_br language bug in permissions

  • update translation for spanish language

  • fix broken links to LNURL in README.md

  • Add Iris.to to discover page

  • Add https://blogstack.io and https://notebin.org Nostr services on discover page

  • chore: reduce bundle size - optimizing the use of the default settings

Full Changelog: v1.25.2...v1.26.0

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v1.25.1 πŸ€™ Reflections on the 1970s
February 4, 2023

This release contains many amazing updates that it easily becomes one of our favorite releases:

πŸ€™ Nostr

Nostr is now moved out of the hidden "Alby labs"! πŸŽ‰ Every account in the Alby extension can now have Nostr keys making Alby the easiest way to manage your Nostr keys and use Nostr web clients. Now you can manage multiple Nostr identities in the extension. Note: existing accounts will be all configured with the existing Nostr account. Going forward accounts need to be configured individually.

➑️ Read more about Nostr

πŸ’‘Did you know? With a getalby.com account and lightning address, you can also get a nostr address (NIP-05 identifier).

πŸ”— Lightning Node Connect

Connecting to self-custodial lightning nodes running at home has always been a bit tricky. With the Alby companion app for Tor we already made it possible and managed to allow people to use their nodes running behind Tor (thanks to libtor). To make it even easier to connect to your self-custodial LND node Alby now supports Lightning Node Connect (LNC). LNC is Lightning Labs' mechanism to create an encrypted connection to a LND node. You can find more details about LNC here.

➑️ Have a look at the guide on how to connect using LNC.

πŸ›‘οΈ Privacy and Tor Browser

The Alby extension already supported the Tor Browser but you still had to disable some default privacy setting. The Tor Browser is incredibly important tool to protect against surveillance and censorship. We improved our support for the Tor Browser further and you now can easily use lightning and Nostr apps safely with the Tor Browser or with an all-private window in Firefox. This is means also Nostr web clients can be accessed in areas where Nostr apps might be blocked.

➑️ Read more about using Alby with the Tor Browser.

πŸ’‘Did you know? You can also connect your LND node behind Tor to a getalby.com lightning address

Notable changes

  • Add Lightning Node Connect

  • Add Nostr key management per account

  • Add Nostr discover section

  • Add better Tor Browser support by using in memory indexed db if indexedDB is not available

  • feat: add account menu avatars - Avvvatars lib

  • feat(options): add closeable tab actions on Websites screen

  • fix: account new button vertical alignment

  • fix: avoid showing welcome screen on re-install

  • fix: minor ui improvements (spacing, shadows, etc)

  • fix(lnurlpay): handle status 500 for callback url #1995

  • fix: make account menu width and accounts on account page responsive

  • feat: add channel.ninja to discover websites

  • fix: compress discover page images

Full Changelog: v1.24.0...v1.25.1

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v1.24.0 πŸŒ• Moon Enhanced Latest
January 22, 2023

This release brings bugfixes, UI updates, and improves the responsiveness for a better mobile experience.

Notable changes

  • Add feature to view and edit allowance permissions (on edit modal)

  • Fix: Connect/Onboarding responsiveness

  • Chore: Add id and pubkey to nostr events by default

  • Fix: cutoff text on publisher card

  • Fix: remove balance card

  • Fix: improve discover ui

  • Fix: publishers ui

  • Fix: remove window or tab based on what the browser opens

  • Improved navigation

  • Fix: navbar container

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v1.23.0 πŸ“² Tails of Comet ZTF
January 22, 2023

Version 1.23.0 comes with improvements to run the Alby extension on mobile browsers (e.g. Kiwi Browser). WebLN apps and Nostr web clients can now be used on mobile devices. And support for EUR/USD-denominated accounts has been added along with support to connect Kollider accounts (BTC/USD/EUR).

Notable Changes

  • Add: support for BIP21 in send option - you can now also paste scan and paste BIP21 QR code strings by

  • Add: new Kollider connector and support accounts with fiat as base currencies

  • Add: forgot password link dark mode and i18n

  • Fix: minor onboarding issues

  • I18n: add zh cn

  • Add: support to request invoices via webln.request for LND

  • Fix: display name instead of url as the publisher card title

  • Fix: improve handling for mobile browsers

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v1.22.1 🌌 Kemble’s Cascade of Stars - patch 1
January 3, 2023

Same as v1.22.0 with minor text fixes.

See v1.22.0 for full release notes.

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v1.22.0 🌌 Kemble’s Cascade of Stars
January 3, 2023

This release brings some UI changes making the onboarding easier, introduces a new discover screen to showcase some of the great lightning apps. It also has updates and fixed for Nostr (NIP19).

Notable changes

  • Split Alby login and create account screens to better guide users through the onboarding

  • Split publishers screen into visited and discover screens

  • Add support for NIP19 and load and show the Nostr key in the new format

  • Fix: return Nostr relays in correct format

  • Fix: re-encrypt Nostr key on password change

  • chore: allow _ in Lightning addresses

Full Changelog: v1.21.1...v1.22.0

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v1.21.1 Thor's Helmet - patch 1
January 3, 2023

Minor updates and fixes to the v1.21.0 release


  • Fix: WebBTC should behave like WebLN

  • Fix: removed currencies which throw a 404

  • Fix: align buttons a the bottom

  • Nostr: add link to more info about nostr keys

  • Fix: allowances enable unit test fixture data

  • Chore: always prompt for zero amount invoices

Full Changelog: v1.21.0...v1.21.1

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v1.21.0 πŸš€ Thor's Helmet
January 3, 2023

The number 21 is a special number. And v1.21 is a special Alby release for all lightning app developers out there! πŸŽ‰

This version includes the new WebLN/WebBTC interface, making it easier than ever to build full lightning web applications accessing the LND and CLN APIs. No complicated node access, no macaroons, no gRPCs and what not. It's now all plain simple JavaScript APIs and full lightning apps can be deployed as simple JavaScript web apps. Alby's permission system gives the user full control. The user decides which API calls and what information should be accessible to the specific web app.


The "hello-world" of a lightning app leveraging the new webln.request() call:

// enable webln

await window.webln.enable();

// list the channels of the connected LND node

await window.webln.request('listchannels');

Noteable Changes:

  • add request method functionality to lnd and commando

  • add tests for ln request

  • add lnd routermc call

  • refactor: form el for ConfirmorCancel

  • add 25k option for the default amounts

  • refactor: getOS: don't use deprecated appVersion.

  • fix: add favicon to extension pages (Firefox)

  • refactor: Navbar: constrain max width to same width as the content.

  • fix: lnurl auth return value cause error msg

  • feat: always focus prompt and centerd prompt

Full Changelog: v1.20.1...v1.21.0

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v1.20.1 The Helix Nebula - patch 1
December 8, 2022
  • Fixes an issue with the local for Brasil: an invalid old locale in the settings caused an error when formatting amounts

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v1.20.0 The Helix Nebula
December 7, 2022

Enjoy using Alby to communicate on Nostr apps. This release completes the Nostr integration and now supports NIP04 encryption and decryption and extends the permission system to give the user full control and greatly improve the usability for Lightning web apps (preparing for a big, big update in the next release) and web apps using Nostr. Besides that, it contains a big list of improvements and fixes.

Notable changes

  • Nostr NIP04 for encryption/decryption

  • Permissions for Nostr. You can now enable the different Nostr calls per host. So no more manual confirmation of each call

  • Format sats and fiat with current locale

  • Add publusher lnurl-auth badge

  • Dual currency input for keysend and makeInvoice calls to show fiat amount

  • Improve blocklist and added note to reload the page when a page is added to the blocklist

  • Fix: case insensitive bitcoin links

  • Fix: update YouTube battery to support new @ profiles

  • Fix: overflow of website title in publisher card

  • Fix: description overflow in LNURL-pay screen

  • Fix: load lightning data from Linktree name and description

  • Fix: load lightning data from vida.page

  • Fix: remove potential lightning: protocol when scanning QR codes

  • Fix: prevent browser from translating

  • Chore: compress images with ImageOptim (insane) and SVGOMG.

  • Chore: load and initialize connector on unlock

  • Test: extract test fixtures about allowances

  • Docs: modified the structure of readme and added some content

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v1.19.0 πŸŒƒ Eclipse in the City6
November 13, 2022

In this release we move a big step forward in our mission to make full Lightning web applications possible.This includes support to use the Alby Extension with Core Lightning nodes. This means the Alby Extension now supports all major node implementations and accounting apps (LNBbits, LNDHUb, ...) Besides that we have many updates and fixes to improve the Alby Extension experience.

Notable changes

  • Core Lightning support through the commando plugin (supporting CLN v0.12.0 and later)

  • generic permission system to give users full, fine-grained control of calls (used for lightning and Nostr calls)

  • implement WebBTC on window.webbtc

  • support for Value 4 Value on GitHub organization pages

  • fix: Nostr nos2x compatibility on sign event calls

  • add: focus the submit button for easy confirmation

  • add Italian translations thanks to

  • add Swedish translations thanks to

  • add hmac signature to account API calls

  • fix: properly encode the LNURLp payerdata JSON

  • fix: make sure Alby shows the correct publisher logo

  • fix: Value 4 Value on medium.com

  • fix: decrease spacing between elements to fit into screen

  • fix: highlight menu icon dots

  • fix: disable input fields on Create Invoice

  • fix: update bitcoin jungle logo

  • fix: support Twitter mobile urls

  • fix: avoid send-start screen being cut-off by focusing

  • refactor: store currency rate in settings ref

  • refactor: push buttons to bottom in send and receive screens

  • refactor: Citadel API calls without npm dependency

  • refactor: extract AllowanceView and DefaultView

  • refactor: unify connector function interface

Thanks to all the amazing contributors.

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