v1.10.0 šŸŒˆ Bear market = build market, or something along those lines
May 6, 2022


  • Default shortcut command: You can now open Alby with the shortcut: Alt+Shift+A / Option+Shift+A(mac)

  • New prompt for webln. makeinvoice calls

  • Scan location field on Twitter for lightning addressĀ 

  • Added special RaspiBlitz connector with instructions to connect your RaspiBlitz to Alby

  • Support BIP21 URI with BOLT 11 invoice in QR codes

  • Enable tipping on GitHub profiles

  • Better payment notifications with icon and payment fees

  • Show fee amount in the transactions table

  • Initial i18n setup - Alby will soon be in your language!

  • Theme selector - choose light/dark mode independent of your OS theme

  • Make "description" when receiving a payment in Alby optional


  • fix: add JWT bypass screen for when Galoy authentication fails

  • Remove the sats faucet - some funny people tried to abuse it too much

  • Allow users to login to their Alby wallet again

  • Explanatory videos for account setup (currently for Umbrel)

  • Improved dark/light mode: material design surface overlay

  • Dark mode on Alby publishers page

  • Add enabled check to content script to prevent not-enabled WebLN calls

  • Replace invoices by bolt11 npm package

  • Improve some UX and design on the send screen

  • Prevent duplicate onboarding / configuration

  • Update citadel sdk for core lightning support)

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v1.9.1 šŸ§° Still not Miami - patch 1
April 1, 2022

v1.9.0 introduced a bug that caused the webln. signMessage call to fail. This is now fixed. There are no other changes in this release.

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v1.9.0 šŸŒˆ Still not Miami
March 31, 2022

This release contains new features, fixes, security updates but sadly also a breaking change. We're required to do this change to be compatible with BlueWallet and LNBits for signing messages which is used for login with LNURL-auth.

But the good new is: with these changes we slowly approach a more stable "Beta" version. \o/

Breaking Changes!

Message signing with LNDhub and LNbits accounts has been changed to be compatible with BlueWallet and also LNbits in the future. Sadly this is a breaking change and if you rely on the old signing mechanism to login to websites you have to enable the Legacy signing for LNDhub and LNBits option in the Settings.

If you have an LNDHub or LNbits account and use Alby to login to websites, then enable the Legacy signing for LNDhub and LNBits option. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Other features

  • New wallet account creation and you now can create a getalby.com lightning address with your new Alby account

  • LUD 18 email support

  • New, BlueWallet compatible signing functions

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v1.8.0 šŸŒˆ Ready for Miami?
March 31, 2022


  • You can now change the account from the prompt)

  • Show account name and node alias in navbar

  • Tipping support for medium.com

  • Follow webln spec for keysend


  • Highlight delete account links in warn colors

  • Pre-defined amount buttons text wrapping

  • Move shared screen code into reusable components

  • Render publisher card with tipping button

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v1.7.0 šŸŒˆ Shock the Web āš”ļø
March 23, 2022

Right in time for the bolt.fun hackathon: The Alby "Schock the Web" edition! Happy Hacking!

This release brings great improvements and makes it easier to connect personal nodes to Alby but most notably is the support for keysend payments for LND and the Alby wallet. Also a long awaited feature is finally in and it is now possible to change the default account names.


šŸš€ Features

  • Keysend support. This adds a webln.keysendĀ function to allow apps to send keysend payments

  • LNURL-withdraw support)

  • Rename accounts


  • Umbrel

  • Citadel

  • myNode

  • start9

  • Bitcoin Beach (Galoy)

  • Bitcoin Jungle (Galoy)

  • Tor support for LNbits

šŸ§° Maintenance

  • Prevent switching accounts while in loading is in progress )

  • React modals should get focus after opening

  • Dark mode updates )

  • Capitalize QR code data for smaller QR codes

  • Pattern form validation for TextField and Input elements )

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v1.6.0 šŸŒˆ Back from Istanbul
March 7, 2022

šŸ’ø New Alby wallets

With this release we fully activate our Alby wallets. Getting a new wallet is now easier and much faster! We recommend everyone to migrate their old BlueWallet LNDhub accounts to a new Alby account.

Activated support to connect to nodes behind Tor

With our new Alby companion apps you can now connect Alby to nodes behind Tor. Tor greatly improves the node operator's privacy and makes it easier to connect to personal nodes like for example RaspiBlitz, Umbrel, Citadel, myNode, etc.

Other Notable Changes

šŸš€ Features

  • Delete accounts - first step towards full account management features)

  • Use new Alby hosted wallets

  • Tipping for reddit profiles

  • Support for the Alby native app to connect to nodes behind Tor.

šŸ§° Maintenance

  • Micro-improving the UX on the receive screen

  • Dark mode updates)

  • Use uuids as account ids

  • Always require native messaging permissionĀ 

  • Add commitlint linter to follow conventional commit specificationsĀ 

  • Update readmeĀ 

  • Use typescript for all componentsĀ Ā 

  • Improved account handling: accounts context (updating accounts troughout the whole app)Ā 

  • Use templates while creating features and issuesĀ 

  • Chore/nvm support

  • Add integration test and fix bolt11 decoding in jestĀ 

  • Setup testing library jest setup

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v1.5.0 āš”ļø too busy for a name
February 6, 2022

šŸš€ Features

  • Add user prompt for signing messagesĀ 

  • Add support for lighting tipping on vimeo videosĀ 

  • Improved lnurlpay screen

  • Improved LNURL-Pay notificationĀ 

šŸ§° Maintenance

  • Fixed header

  • Add a loading spinner to the LNURL pay screenĀ 

  • Support for lnd v0.14 new error format

  • Add wait message to test connction screen

  • Change grid to allow 5 connectors per row

  • Fix macaroon text in dark mode

  • Remove LNURL imageĀ 

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v1.4.0 šŸ‘‹ Hello Alby, please meet Native
February 6, 2022

šŸš€ Features

  • Support for native companion apps to connect to nodes like Umbrel or RaspiBlitz

  • Add eclair connector

  • Replace tipping slider with sat amount buttonsĀ 

  • Enable tipping on YouTube channelsĀ 

šŸ§° Maintenance

  • Better handle invalid invoices and LNURLsĀ 

  • Show success message after payments from within the popup

  • Update balance info after paymentĀ 

  • Improved browser state storage handling

  • Dark mode improvements for invoice creation

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February 6, 2022

v.1.3.0 and v.1.3.1 had a bug that default settings are not used if the user already had some custom setting saved. This resulted in cases where the website enhancements had been disabled. Those should be enabled by default.

šŸ› Bugfix

  • Keep website enhancements enabled by default

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v1.3.0 šŸš€ 1000 followers
February 6, 2022

Thanks to our 1000 Twitter followers!

šŸš€ Features

  • implement lud-18 names.Ā 

  • Extract lightning addresses from lightning linksĀ 

  • Add bitcast peertube instance and load lightning data from peertube "support" fieldsĀ 

  • Locally cache accounts for faster loading timesĀ 

  • Better extraction of lightning addressesĀ 

šŸ¦‹ Design

  • Update unlock screenĀ 

šŸ§° Maintenance

  • Make sure LND's payment response is a hex string

  • Upgrade to Tailwind v3Ā 

  • Revisit prettier setup

  • Fix broken storybookĀ 

  • Updated store descriptionsĀ 

šŸ› Bugfix

  • Return preimage in webln(.)sendPayment callsĀ 

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v1.2.1 Happy Birthday Alby
February 6, 2022

During the Fulmo Hacksprint in December 2020 we have written the first lines of Alby. AlbyĀ is now 1 year! Thanks to everyone who contributed so far! The journey has just started.

šŸš€ Features

  • Add tipping to BitcoinTV

  • Dynamic webln invoice creation: Alby prompts for invoice details on theĀ webln(.)makeInvoice callĀ 

  • Website enhancements toggle: You can now disable the tipping features on Twiter, YouTube, etc.Ā 

  • Receive screen now shows when an invoice is paidĀ 

  • Improved LNURL-pay handlingĀ 

šŸ› Bug Fixes

  • Check all āš”ļøemojis in the twitter bio

  • Trigger call to extract lightning data only from http sites

šŸ§° Maintenance

  • Link to the paid website on the transaction list

  • Feedback buttonĀ 

  • Make sure to load cached connector class and not reinitialize connectorsĀ 

  • Fully typed connectors and better connector examplesĀ 

  • Limit tx history in popup to most recent 10Ā 

šŸ¦‹ Design

  • Dark mode for feedbackĀ 

  • New onboarding screens

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New development and test setup
December 15, 2021

For development and testing we now have a new regtest setup with an Alby internal lightning network for testing.

You can now easily connect Alby to the test account and pay invoices on the regtest-merchant site.

This makes it easier for anybody to test and develop on Alby without the need to use real Satoshi.

Please refer to the documentation for details:


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Release: v1.1.0 Thank you Adopting Bitcoin
December 8, 2021

We want to dedicate this release to all the people who made Adopting Bitcoin the greatest Lightning event.

Thank you to all the amazing organizers and all the participants. šŸš€

šŸš€ Features

  • Show LNURL-pay responses in the app instead of a notificationĀ 

  • Add support for comments in LNURLpay requestsĀ 

šŸ¦‹ Design

  • Add logos to new account screenĀ 

  • Replace all hero icons by bitcoin iconsĀ 

  • Use Alby as extension iconĀ 

šŸ› Bug Fixes

  • Fix invoice creation with LNbitsĀ 

  • Fix: cannot stop scanner bugĀ 

  • Reset account to initial state before loadingĀ 

  • Bug fix NaN displaying in GUIĀ 

šŸ§° Maintenance

  • Only show preimage when availableĀ 

  • Faster Webpack building in developmentĀ 

  • Upgrade to ESLint 8, don't depend on CRA, introduce new JSX transformsĀ 

  • Add optional debug modeĀ 

  • React Router v6 + Auth Flow

  • Disallow horizontal scrollbar in popup

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