Recurring payments to a Lightning address

Similiar to how Patreon is used. e.g., I want to send $x per month to the Lightning address showing in the creator's Youtube profile (or in the description of one of the creator's videos).

I would want to be able to choose the currency unit for the amount though ... e.g., BTC or USD, and if USD, then Alby uses the conversion rate at the time payment is to be sent to know how much to send.

Take a fee if you want. Patreon takes from 5% to 12%), which is insane, but that's the competition so plenty of room to find find a level to make it worth adding this.

The only problem I might have is that if my sats balance on Alby is not enough at the time the payment would be triggered, I'ld hope to get an e-mail reminder to top up.

Oct 16, 2022

I think this could be solved if this idea be implemented: https://makers.bolt.fun/story/option-to-reward-sites-on-alby--130