Allow a way to set a budget and disable browser notifications within the app.

When sending a boost to multiple recipients, multiple approvals will pop up, and multiple notifications will pop up. This can be disabled in the Alby settings by unclicking the Notification radio, and by setting a budget. It would be nice if an app could build their own UI/UX to disable notifications and set a budget within the app with out having to create a walk through that shows the user how to do it with in the Alby browser extension.

Apr 10, 2023

Knowing that the the Alby plugin has settings that can be changed, although easy to do, isn't something I'm sure the average user is aware of. I wasn't aware of it until I asked if it was possible to turn of notifications. Maybe something in the notification popup as a reminder that notifications can be turned off in the Alby settings.

Also, when using an app, my mindset is that everything I need to control the app is in the app, but in reality, there's also a Settings for the plugin as well that is outside of the app. Sometimes that feels like it makes for a less desirable user experience.

I'm not familiar with the limitations of browser plug ins, but perhaps there's a way to have an API function that that can be called when a user clicks a button in the app, and that function causes the plugin to open to the settings page. This would allow the app to have it's own settings page with a button called "Wallet Settings", then when the user clicks that, the Alby settings pop open.

RenΓ© Aaron
Apr 7, 2023

Thanks for your feedback!

I think notifications shouldn't be disabled by a website but they are user settings. (otherwise the user wouldn't be notified of any payments really)

What do you think could be improved with setting the budget?