A character that will grow and evolve as users make more transactions can be introduced

Based on Alby's bee logo, each user will start with an egg, representing the first stage in the lifecycle of a bee. As users complete more transactions, the character will evolve and progress through the stages until it becomes an adult bee.
Once the bee character has matured, users can trade it in for reward points, preferably in sats. This will serve as a motivating factor for users to engage with the platform more frequently, as they strive to reach the final stage and claim their reward.
This feature will engage users and incentivize them to make more transactions using the Alby platform

RenΓ© Aaron
Apr 12, 2023

Thanks for your feedback, we're definitely looking into ways in which we could incentivize users to use Lightning more.

Thanks for sharing your idea!

Apr 11, 2023

you can also have the feature of adding (limited) friends, where the added friends can see each other 'bee's phase' like the Apple watch workout I think that will make a healthy competitive environment and might push more engagement/transaction on the app. Hope it might help!